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Dr. Michael Walter

Dr. Michael Walter is a Professor of Biological and Environmental Engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Science and the College of Engineering at Cornell University. His BS and MS degrees were received from the University of Illinois, and his PhD in Water Resource Engineering was earned from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to earning his doctorate degree, Mike worked as a water resource planner for the State of Illinois. During his time at Cornell, his primary research has focused on agricultural water development, particularly within developing countries. This research primarily addressed the question of “Why did the Green Revolution not succeed in some places?” He successfully directed field research studies with more than 40 graduate students assigned to regions in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Near East. He was one the first participants in the USAID Joint Career Corps where his involvement included working, in conjunction with Cornell, for the USAID, which also included living in India for several years. He was Co-Director of research for the $35M USAID Irrigation Support Project for Asia and the Near East. From 1994 to 2008, he served as Chair of the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. During this period, his department refocused its research and teaching programs resulting on biotechnology and development of a new joint undergraduate major in Environmental Engineering with Civil Engineering. Mike and his wife have raised seven children, five of whom have B.S. degrees and two master degrees from Cornell University.