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Author: Jessica Ames

Kavya Krishnan

Kavya is a first year PhD student in the field of Soil and Crop Sciences. Her primary research interests are studying soil health – particularly its effects on food security. For the fieldwork component of her PhD, she is working with India-based agricultural univ… Read more

Fjolla Kondirolli

Fjolla is a Research Support Specialist for the Tata-Cornell Institute, where she carries out data analysis in support of the program’s research goals. When she joined TCI, she was involved in data management and analysis of the TARINA Baseline Survey, which will b… Read more

Kiera Crowley

Kiera is a Research Support Specialist at the Tata-Cornell Institute. Her research focuses on mapping trends in food, agriculture, and nutrition in India. She is working closely with Post-Doctoral Associate Dr. Andaleeb Rahman to prepare a report of these trends. B… Read more

TARINA 2017 at a Glance

Tata-Cornell releases its TARINA 2017 at a Glance Report, which summarizes ongoing activities and progress achieved across thematic areas of our flagship project over the past year. Additional information about TCI and its research initiatives is available i… Read more

Dr. Shubh Swain

Shubh Swain is the Project Coordinator for TCI-TARINA and the Gender & Nutrition Specialist at TCI. He is a demographer by training and has nearly a decade-long work experience in gender, nutrition, and public health in India and Africa. Shubh is responsible fo… Read more