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Congratulations to our graduates!

We are proud to celebrate the individuals graduating from
the Tata-Cornell program: Maureen Valentine and Prankur Gupta.

Maureen Valentine

Dr. Maureen Valentine graduated with her Ph.D. in Animal
Science from Cornell University’s Department of Animal Science at the College
of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Maureen was one of the first students ever to
join the Tata-Cornell program. She started as a Masters student (2012-2014) and
completed her PhD training from 2014-2018. For her research, she conducted
extensive fieldwork in rural India, including several months in Rajasthan in
2013 and a full year in Odisha in 2016.  We
thank her for her exceptional research on sustainable livestock feed systems,
feed scarcity and ruminant nutrition in India.


Maureen Valentine (center)
with (from left to right) her advisor and TCI Faculty Fellow Debbie Cherney, her
mom Mary, baby-to-be, sisters Amy and Erin, and husband Todd

Prankur Gupta

Prankur Gupta graduated with his M.S. in Applied Economics
and Management from Cornell University’s Charles H. Dyson School of Applied
Economics and Management.  He has been a
Tata-Cornell Scholar since he joined the Dyson School in Fall 2016. His
research looked closely at consumer behaviors, in particular related to the Sustainable
Flour Fortification Initiative (Sfurti) implemented by TCI and partners in villages
in rural Gujarat. Thank you Prankur for your hard work and excellent
contributions to the Tata-Cornell Institute.


Prankur Gupta (left) with his father Pramod Kumar Gupta
(right) and advisor Dr. Prabhu Pingali, TCI Director and Professor of Applied
Economics (center)