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Video Coverage for 2017 Annual Celebration

At the end of each year, the Tata-Cornell Institute holds a special
event to publically report on our research findings as well as to share project updates from our field locations in India. We also launch our Annual
.  The event was held on Friday, December 8th, 2017.

For full video coverage, please

Presentations include:

Welcome & Opening Remarks with Dr. Max Pfeffer, Executive Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

2017 in Review: Reflections and Vision from Dr. Prabhu Pingali, Director of the Tata-Cornell Institute

Greetings from the TCI-TARINA Office in Delhi

Maureen Valentine, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Animal Science, on Sustainable Livestock Feeding Systems in the Face of Intensifying Goat Production

Fieldnotes: Vidya Vemireddy, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Applied Economics, on Understanding the Effects of Time Allocation Patterns of Women on Nutrition in Rural Maharashtra, India

Anaka Aiyar, Postdoctoral Associate
, on Diversity
in Development: Interstate Differences in the Indian Growth Story


Shiuli Vanaja, Tata-Cornell
Scholar and PhD
Candidate in Applied Economics
, on Access to Piped Water, Time Savings and Diarrhea Incidence: Results from Field
Survey in Jharkhand

Fieldnotes: Anthony Wenndt, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Plant Pathology

and Plant-Microbe Biology, on Mitigating the Risk Factors for Mycotoxin Contamination across the Food System

Mathew Abraham, Assistant Director and Research Associate
, on Market–Farm Linkages: Producer Organizations and Private Value Chains in Pulses

Fieldnotes: Kathryn Merckel, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in International Nutrition, on Promoting Orange-fleshed Sweet Potato to Address Vitamin A Deficient Diets in Uttar Pradesh

Payal Seth, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Applied Economics,

on Igniting Change in Sanitation Behavior in Uttar Pradesh

Fieldnotes: Dr. Shubh Swain, Gender & Nutrition Specialist, on field site visits for the TCI-TARINA Initiative 

Dr. Andaleeb Rahman, Postdoctoral Associate, on the Bumpy Road from Food to Nutrition Security