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Video coverage of TCI’s Annual Celebration 2016                …

Video coverage of TCI’s Annual Celebration 2016                      

TCI hosts its year-end annual celebration to review the year’s
accomplishments, present our latest research, and share a vision for the
year ahead. We also launch our Annual Report. The event was held on Friday, December 9th, 2016.

Speakers include:

Welcome & Opening Remarks
with CALS Associate Dean Max Pfeffer

2016 in Review: Reflections and
Vision from TCI Director Prabhu Pingali

Briefings from the Field,

  • TCI Scholar Shiuli
    Vanaja on AguaClara Drinking Water Systems and Women’s Time Savings
    in Jharkhand
  • TCI Scholar Maureen
    Valentine on Intensifying Goat Production in Odisha
  • TCI Postdoctoral Fellow Mathew
    Abraham on Improving the Pulses Supply to Address
    Micronutrient Malnutrition

TCI Faculty Fellow Debbie
on Sustainable Livestock Feeding Systems in the Face of Intensifying
Goat Production

Professor Peter Hobbs on the
TCI Soil Health Project in Jharkhand

TCI Scholar Tanvi Rao on Determinants
of Maternal Nutrition Outcomes

TCI Scholar Anthony Wenndt on Mitigating
Risk Factors Associated with Mycotoxin Accumulation across the Food System

TCI Researcher Karina Acosta on
the Triple Burden of Malnutrition

Reflections on the 2016 TCI Summer
Internship Program: Research Project Briefings

    Team: Cairo Archer (speaking), Irene Bae, Rachel Murro, and Dieynab Diatta on
    Intrahousehold Food Allocation and Adolescent Nutrition: A Case-Study in Rural
  • Jessica
    Sokolow on Transformation through Self-Help Group Participation
  • Hanzhou
    Yang on Clarifying Food Safety Regulations & Policies