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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Summer Internship

TCI’s summer internship program places Cornell University master’s and professional degree candidates with research projects across India. Interns work to propel TCI research in any of the Institute’s main research areas. Specific opportunities depend on what projects are in need of support.

This is a competitive, merit-based internship that requires interns to engage in an applied, development-related research project over the course of 8 weeks in India. Internships typically occur between June-August.

Multidisciplinary, Hands-On Learning

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TCI staff work with interns to tailor an internship experience based on their interests. Interns may be selected to perform a range of functions, such as data collection, program monitoring and evaluation, working with partner organizations, or providing direct support for TCI staff.

Accepted interns often demonstrate a background, proficiency, or interest in the following:

  • Conducting applied research or work within a developing country.
  • Career interest in agricultural development, rural development, or global nutrition.
  • Coursework in economics, statistics, anthropology/rural development, agricultural extension, adult/childhood education, nutrition, health, communication, engineering, or agronomy.
  • Interest/background in primary data collection.
  • Willingness to live or work outside the United States, openness to new cultures and new experiences, ability to learn from a diverse group of people, partners, and/or experiences.


This internship is only available for first-year graduate students enrolled in a professional or master’s degree program at Cornell University.