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Abhinav Choudhry

Abhinav is a Research Support Specialist and is working on cleaning and analyzing data from the TARINA Baseline Survey, summarizing and synthesizing literature on agriculture and its relationship to public health, and assisting Prof. Prabhu Pingali in preparing research reports and presentations. Abhinav graduated with a Master of Public Administration degree from Cornell University with a concentration in Environmental Policy and also completed a fellowship program in Environmental Finance and Impact Investing. He previously received a Master’s degree in Finance and Control from the University of Delhi and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Technological University. He has over four years of work experience in finance, especially as a mortgage lending specialist for small and medium enterprises. Also, he has worked with the Environmental Defense Fund as part of the Sustainable Agriculture team in order to find conservation finance solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas pollution and ameliorate the pernicious effects of agricultural runoff. Abhinav plans to utilize his multidisciplinary interests and skills, especially those in finance and technology, to solve environmental and public health problems. With a belief in lifelong learning, he is currently learning intermediate Mandarin and additional programming languages.