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Dr. Asha Sharma

Asha Sharma was a Postdoctoral Associate with TCI from 2014-2016. Her work was to quantify risks due to climate change on agriculture in India. This effort builds on the extensive current body of work in this area by doing the analysis at a higher spatial and temporal resolution than is typical in such studies as well as incorporating the influence of multiple crops, extreme events and water resources. This comprehensive approach should ultimately allow us to identify key risks to nutrition due to climate change and place them in the context of other long-term trends. Asha has earned Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell, and a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Biotechnology from Anna University, India. Her broader research interests include the intersection of water resources, climate change, and food systems, and the estimation of trends in water resources in data-scarce regions.

Read Asha’s dissertation: Using Simple Models to Characterize Long-Term Trends and Variability in Regional Hydrology