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Dr. Shubh Swain

Shubh Swain is the Program Coordinator for TCI-TARINA and the Gender & Nutrition Specialist at TCI. He is a demographer by training and has nearly a decade-long work experience in gender, nutrition, and public health in India and Africa. Shubh is responsible for the coordination of Ithaca and India-based efforts for the TCI-TARINA grant. He also focuses on building program and policy-informing evidence around gender, nutrition, food, and agriculture. In his research capacity, he studies issues like increasing women’s access to agricultural related services and empowering women for better nutritional outcomes in India. Shubh received his PhD in Demography from the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai. He has managed and led many policy-influencing research projects on gender and public health while working with Population Council and Family Health International (FHI360) in India. Prior to joining TCI, Shubh was a Research Coordinator in the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) at Cornell University. During his association with DNS, apart from teaching and mentoring students in a study aboard program, Shubh supported a research program designed to avert stunting thorough a multi-sectoral intervention in Tanzania. During his free time, Shubh loves cooking, travelling to food destinations, and playing djembe.