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Dr. Maureen Valentine

Maureen completed her Ph.D. at Cornell University in August 2018 in the Animal Science department. Her research focused on enhancements to the productivity of goat production systems in rural India through improved animal nutrition. Livestock production in India faces a widespread problem of feed scarcity, which limits the ability of goats to meet their genetic potential. Maureen conducted a study in Kandhamal District of Odisha with tribal farmers that owned goats to learn how farmers’ goat management decisions impact animal health and the environment, and what were the effects of goat intensification through a semi-stall-fed production system on goat health, kid survival, and farmer adoption. Maureen completed her Master’s degree as a TCI Scholar at Cornell University, and her Bachelor’s degree is in Animal Science from North Carolina State University.

Read Maureen’s dissertation: In Vitro Digestion Methods to Estimate Forage Quality and Applied Research on Goat Feeding Systems in Odisha, India