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Rohil Sahai Bhatnagar

Rohil is a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in the field of Food Science and Technology at Cornell University. He holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in Biotechnology from India, and a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology from Cornell University. He has previously worked in both industrial and academic sectors, and is currently most interested in translating bench findings to optimize health outcomes in the field. His research is focused on developing novel iron-rich microalgae composites and exploring their utility as potential fortificants in food commodities to improve iron nutrition. In his role as a Tata-Cornell Scholar, he conducts fieldwork in rural, marginalized communities in India and studies location-specific community trends that modulate nutritional iron status. Through his work, he brings together various facets of food science, nutritional science, chemical engineering and social science in his quest to identify ideal food-based solutions to overcome iron malnutrition in the developing world.