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Shiuli Vanaja

Shiuli earned her PhD in the field of Applied Economics and Management in 2020. She is currently an assistant professor of economics at the College of Arts and Sciences at Azim Premji University in Bangalore, India. Her research interests lie in the field of development and resource economics, specifically the economics of access to household drinking water in rural India. She conducted an 18-month long field study in 30 villages of Jharkhand to collect panel data for studying the linkages between access to drinking water, women’s time use and associated health costs. Shiuli has an M.Phil and M.S degree in Economics from Delhiā€™s Jawaharlal Nehru University. As part of her M.Phil dissertation, she researched the changes in the development status of local populations as a result of changes in the occupational structure, land availability, and forest-based livelihood practices in India. Growing up in a tribal village in India and taking part in different socio-political human rights movements have inspired and encouraged her towards a career in development economics.