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Sumedha Minocha

Sumedha Minocha headshot

Sumedha Minocha is a M.S.-Ph.D. student in the field of Applied Economics and Management. She is interested in studying the complex ways in which food systems work in developing countries, particularly their impact on nutrition and health-related outcomes and the role of public policies in shaping these outcomes. Her research interest is motivated by 5 years of work experience, during which she traveled extensively across rural parts of India and studied problems in agriculture and nutrition using econometric tools on data collected through primary surveys as well as secondary data available through national surveys.

Sumedha firmly believes that policy-oriented research should be grounded in reality and must be communicated in a simple way. To this end, Sumedha has worked with a team of nutritionists at St. John’s Research Institute in Bangalore, where she studied the supply and demand of quality foods in Indian diets, especially protein-rich foods. She has also worked on the scope of food fortification in India. Prior to that, she worked with the International Food Policy Research Institute in New Delhi, where the projects that she was involved in focused on the role of agricultural technologies in farmer risk management and income security. In terms of her educational background, Sumedha has completed her Masters in Economics from Madras School of Economics and Bachelors in Economics from Delhi University. Since she is also interested in her own nutrition and health, she loves to do cooking, yoga, and painting.