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Dr. Tanvi Rao

Tanvi completed her Ph.D. at Cornell University in the Applied Economics and Management department in June 2017. Her primary research interests were in the field of development economics and applied econometrics. For her dissertation and as a TCI Scholar, she studied the demand for different types of higher (post-secondary) education in India. For this she conducted a primary survey of 12th grade students, across ten public colleges spanning urban and rural areas, in the East Indian state of Jharkhand. Her research identified students who are constrained in their ability to borrow for enrolling in different education tracks and experimentally evaluates the role of providing information regarding the measured returns to higher education types in the region, on the borrowing behavior of students and their education choices. Tanvi has also worked with ICRISAT’s VDSA panel dataset to study the relative importance of agricultural versus non-agricultural pathways of reducing malnutrition in India and on evaluating the effectiveness of India’s flagship village-level community health worker program, known as the Accredited Social Health Activists program. She holds an M.S. degree from the same department, and prior to coming to Cornell, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce.

Read Tanvi’s dissertation: Essays on Human Capital & Development in India