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Fjolla Kondirolli

Fjolla was a Research Support Specialist for the Tata-Cornell Institute, where she carried out data analysis in support of the program’s research goals. She departed TCI in August 2018 to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Sussex. When she joined TCI in June 2017, she was involved in data management and analysis of the TARINA Baseline Survey, which will be used to generate evidence towards the objective of the program (promoting a more nutrition-sensitive food system in India). She also worked closely with Professor Prabhu Pingali on donor trends in agricultural research and development in developing countries, using available data on R&D expenditure by governments and international organizations such as CGIAR. Other research areas included the potential impacts of climate change on food security and the impact of women’s empowerment on household nutrition. Prior to joining TCI, she worked as an intern for the World Bank’s Doing Business report. She holds a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in international development studies from Cornell University.