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Food & Micronutrient Programs

Photo by Alina Paul-Bossuet (ICRISAT)

Micronutrient deficiency is a major public health concern responsible for critical conditions like anemia, inadequate immune responses, blindness and impaired physical and cognitive development. Readily available nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, iron and protein rich milk and meat products, are essential components of human nutrition that can be difficult for rural households to access on a continual basis.

In India, the spatial location of households and proximity to food retailers and food outlets, agricultural diversification of farmland, diversification of food production (including kitchen gardens and backyard livestock systems), can all have profound impacts on the sustained consumption of micronutrients.

TCI is interested in understanding the effectiveness of the many food-based, micronutrient access programs currently being undertaken throughout the country by public and private entities. This includes biofortification efforts, public-private partnerships seeking to expand micronutrient access, and government safety-net programs.

Key Partners