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TCI Study Finds COVID-19 Could Exacerbate Malnutrition in India

In a report published July 17, researchers from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) show that India’s rigorous lockdown has driven up the price of produce, limiting people’s ability to afford a nutritionally diverse diet. In the study, Pa… Read more
Cover of Pandemic Prices: COVID-19 Price Shocks and Their Implications for Nutrition Security in India

Pandemic Prices: COVID-19 Price Shocks and Their Implications for Nutrition Security in India

By Payal Seth, Bhaskar Mittra, and Prabhu Pingali In Pandemic Prices: Price Shocks from COVID-19 and Their Implications on Nutrition Security in India, TCI researchers assess the impact that India’s COVID-19 lockdown had on Indian food prices. They demonstrate tha… Read more

Pandemics and Food Systems – Towards a Proactive Food Safety Approach to Disease Prevention & Management

In this blog post, which originally appeared as an op-ed piece in Food Security, TCI alumna Anaka Aiyar and director Prabhu Pingali advocate for investments in food safety as part of the response to COVID-19. Abstract Recent large-scale pandemics such as the covid19,… Read more

How Did COVID-19 Impact India’s Food Prices?

In this blog post, TCI’s Payal Seth, Prabhu Pingali, and Bhaskar Mittra present their analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on food prices in India.  In normal times, access to nutrient-rich food to all is a challenge for India. In the midst of a pandemic, that c… Read more

Migration Mess: Using a Food Systems Lens to Understand India’s Migrant Crisis after COVID-19

In this blog post, Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI) postdoctoral associate Anaka Aiyar draws lessons about migrants in India from TCI’s book, Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India, and applies them to the migration plight precipitated by the coronavirus pande… Read more