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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Author: D.J. Cherney

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Foraging and Body Condition Characterization of Goats in Northwestern India

Abstract Our objective was to characterize feeding practices and nutritional status of goats in the Jhadol block, Udaipur district (Rajasthan) in northwestern India. Goat owners (n=64) were interviewed in 10 villages of Jhadol block. The questionnaire targeted aspects of the livestock system including socio-economic characteristics,...
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Effect of Goat Management Practices on Animal Nutrition and the Environment in Western Odisha, India

Abstract India has a shortage of forage and feed for its estimated 535 million head of livestock. Nutrition is the most limiting factor for goats in India to fulfill their genetic potential. Most Indian goats are managed in extensive grazing systems and information about goat...