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Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition




TCI has continued its work during the coronavirus pandemic, with a focus on the virus’s impact on food systems.
A man drives a tractor through a rice paddy

Agriculture Transformation, Food Systems & Nutrition Transition

India’s ongoing transformation from low-productivity agriculture to an advanced economy has profound implications for nutrition in the country.
two people pushing food cart

Climate Change & Sustainable Agriculture

As climate change continues, the agricultural sector must grapple with its effects and adopt more resource-conscious, sustainable practices.
Woman standing at an extruder machine

Food & Ag-Science Innovations

Building food systems that prioritize nutrition requires leveraging the latest scientific advancements in areas like soil health and fortification.
Girl washing her hands

Food Safety, Water & Sanitation

Nutrient absorption is significantly impacted by interrelated factors involving food contamination, access to safe water, and hygiene.
group of women

Gender & Nutrition

In India, 80% of economically active women are employed in the agricultural sector. Empowering these women can help to improve household nutrition.
A man holding a phone on a farm

ICTs, Data Systems & Ag-Tech

Information communication technologies and other technological inventions can boost agricultural productivity and improving livelihoods, while strong, comprehensive data systems help ensure that policies and strategies are built on a foundation of solid evidence.

Markets & Value Chains

Rising demand for diverse agricultural products presents an opportunity for smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods.