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District-Level Database for Indian Agriculture and Allied Sectors

ICRISAT and TCI have created a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for data related to India’s food system and beyond. In the pursuit of development goals at any level, data is essential for measuring advancements and identifying barriers to progress. This open-access platform can be used by a wide array of stakeholders working to address issues of food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture in India.
A man operating a machine making mats of straw

Farm Waste to Furniture

Every fall in northern India, the skies are darkened by soot and the air is polluted as rice farmers set fire to the stubble or straw that remains after harvesting paddy. TCI’s Rice Stubble Upcycling Project aims to curb the practice of burning farm waste by creating a demand for the straw to make composite panels that can replace commonly used wood-based products like particleboard and plywood.
A hand holding black beans

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement

TCI is part of an exciting new venture aimed at advancing plant breeding tools, technologies, and methods to increase yields, enhance nutrition, and improve crop resilience. Led by Cornell University and supported by USAID, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement is an integrated research and delivery program that will support national breeding programs in East and West Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and the Caribbean.

FPO-Led Small Farm Market Access Models

As the world’s population increases and the demand for agricultural products rises, small farms have an opportunity to play a big role and reap many benefits, if they are able to join together to form farmer producer organizations (FPOs) to increase their aggregate size. TCI is undertaking a study to assess the challenges facing FPO…
A seedling growing in reddish dirt

Optimizing Soil Health

As its population continues to rise, India will need to produce more food with fewer resources. Ensuring optimum soil health is a key prerequisite to achieving the necessary level of crop production. TCI’s Soil Health Project focuses on soil health enhancement to increase agricultural productivity, reduce malnutrition, and improve the rural environment.

Safe Drinking Water Systems

Access to clean water and sanitation in India continues to be inadequate, resulting in poor health outcomes. Despite longstanding efforts by various levels of government to improve the access and affordability of safe drinking water, only 40% of Indians have access to piped water in their homes. TCI partners with AguaClara to provide clean drinking water technology for villages in rural India.
People examining crops

Technical Assistance and Research for Indian Nutrition and Agriculture (TARINA)

TARINA is a consortium that brings together policy-focused academics from diverse disciplines with scale, quality, and impact-focused non-governmental organizations to design and implement data-driven solutions for addressing the complex problem of malnutrition in India.
Women and children walking on a farm

Past Projects

Explore TCI projects that have come to a close.