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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Author: Sunaina Dhingra

Transitioning to an Obese India: Demographic and Structural Determinants of the Rapid Rise in Overweight Incidence

Abstract India, which has long suffered from undernutrition, has seen a rapid rise in overweight incidence in the last decade and a half. These changes are characterized by significant within-country differences in overweight incidence that vary by gender and regional development levels. In this paper,...
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Effects of Short Birth Spacing on Birth-Order Differences in Child Stunting: Evidence from India

Abstract Do firstborn children have a height advantage? Empirical findings have found mostly that, yes, second or higher-order children often lag behind firstborns in height outcomes, especially in developing countries. However, empirical investigations of birth-order effects on child height overlook the potential impact that birth...