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COVID-19 and Women’s Nutrition Security: Panel Data Evidence from Rural India

Abstract In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, India implemented a stringent nationwide lockdown. Although food value chains and allied activities were exempted from the lockdown, there were widespread disruptions in food access and availability. Using two-panel datasets, we distinguish the pandemic’s impact on non-staples versus...

Farmer Research Networks Enable Community-Based Mycotoxin Management in Rural Indian Villages

Abstract CONTEXT Mycotoxins and other food safety and preservation challenges are prevalent in smallholder food systems, and communities often lack the knowledge and capacity required to effectively diagnose and address these concerns. Participatory research can facilitate innovation in resource-poor settings by fostering collective identity and...
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Toward an Integrated Approach to Nutritional Quality, Environmental Sustainability, and Economic Viability: Research and Measurement Gaps

Abstract Nutrition is affected by numerous environmental and societal causes. This paper starts with a simple framework based on three domains: nutritional quality, economic viability, and environmental sustainability, and calls for an integrated approach in research to simultaneously account for all three. It highlights limitations...
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Mainstreaming Nutrition Metrics in Household Surveys – Toward a Multidisciplinary Convergence of Data Systems

Abstract Since the 2008 food price crisis, food and nutrition security are back on the global development agenda, with particular emphasis on agricultural pathways toward improved nutrition. Parallel efforts are being promoted to improve the data and metrics for monitoring progress toward positive nutritional outcomes,...
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Agricultural Policy and Nutrition Outcomes – Getting Beyond the Preoccupation with Staple Grains

Abstract There is a growing disconnect between agricultural policy and contemporary nutritional challenges, the persistent problem of micronutrient malnutrition and child stunting, as well as the emerging challenges of overweight and obesity. Diversification of production systems and the market supply of enhanced diversity will only...
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Foraging and Body Condition Characterization of Goats in Northwestern India

Abstract Our objective was to characterize feeding practices and nutritional status of goats in the Jhadol block, Udaipur district (Rajasthan) in northwestern India. Goat owners (n=64) were interviewed in 10 villages of Jhadol block. The questionnaire targeted aspects of the livestock system including socio-economic characteristics,...
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The Hunger Metrics Mirage: There’s Been Less Progress on Hunger Reduction Than It Appears

Abstract As the timeframe for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) came to an end in 2015, the United Nations lauded great progress, calling its MDG campaign the “most successful anti-poverty movement in history.” In its final progress report, the United Nations states that poverty...
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Transitioning Towards Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems in Developing Countries

Abstract A nutrition-sensitive food system is one that goes beyond staple grain productivity and places emphasis on the consumption of micronutrient-rich nonstaples through a variety of market and nonmarket interventions. A nutrition-sensitive approach not only considers policies related to macrolevel availability and access to nutritious...