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Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Research Area: Climate Change & Sustainable Agriculture

Anil Netravali

Anil Netravali

Anil Netravali is the Jean and Douglas McLean Professor of Fiber Science in the Cornell University College of Human Ecology’s Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design. His current research is in the areas of fiber-reinforced composites and green materials…
Whitman Barrett

Whitman Barrett

Whitman Barrett is a PhD student in the Soil and Crop Sciences Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. His work focuses on the reuse of human excreta in agriculture, with the goal of improving smallholder…
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Using Simple Models to Characterize Long-Term Trends and Variability in Regional Hydrology

Cornell University, 2014 Abstract: The three studies presented here demonstrate the utility of simple models in identifying long-term trends and variability in regional hydrology. In the first study, three new methods were used to identify the start and end of the rainy season in India. By...
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Policies for Sustainable Food Systems

In C. Campanhola and S. Pandey (Eds). Sustainable Food and Agriculture: An Integrated Approach, Chapter 45. FAO and Elsevier Inc. 2019.
Population, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Problems and Prospects book cover

Climate Change and Food Security

In P. Gustafson, P. Raven, and P. Ehrlich (Eds.) Population, Agriculture, and Biodiversity: Problems and Prospects, The University of Missouri Press 2020.

Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India

The Indian growth story is a paradoxical one. Despite economic progress over the past two decades, regional inequality, food insecurity, and malnutrition problems persist. Simultaneously, recent trends in obesity along with micro-nutrient deficiency portend to a future public health crisis. This book explores various challenges...
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Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in India 2020: Leveraging Agriculture to Achieve Zero Hunger

TCI’s 2020 report on Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in India (FAN 2020) provides an analysis of India’s progress towards achieving the second sustainable development goal—zero hunger. Using district-level data and maps, the report highlights stark spatial differences in the extent of the hunger problem and identifies potential...

Dr. Asha Sharma

Asha Sharma was a postdoctoral associate with TCI from 2014-2016. Her work aimed to quantify risks to agriculture in India due to climate change. This effort builds on the extensive current body of work in this area by doing the…