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TCI Scholar Publishes Study of Street-Level Bureaucracy in India

A study by TCI scholar Amrutha Jose Pampackal was published in “Transformative Law and Public Policy,” a new book that examines how judicial and political institutions are linked to the socioeconomic concerns of citizens. In “Implementers of law or policymakers too?” Pampackal explores the potential of street-level bureaucrats to act as policymakers in India.

Pampackal’s study focuses on the Tribal Resettlement and Development Mission, a government policy for distributing land and performing developmental activities for indigenous peoples in Kerala, India. She argues that street-level bureaucrats act as policymakers by interpreting and representing policy to citizens.

“For tribal communities that have been victims of land alienation for many decades, securing property rights is highly important for their socioeconomic wellbeing,” Pampackal said. “This study shows that, for communities that are not familiar with legal jargon and convoluted bureaucratic processes, their experience of policy is highly determined by their interaction with local bureaucrats.”

“Transformative Law and Public Policy” was published by Routledge India.