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TCI-TARINA Staff Pen Op-Ed on Pulses in Financial Express

Men scoop brown pulses from a pile

Pulses are portioned out at a market in Madhya Pradesh. (Photo by Mathew Abraham/Tata-Cornell Institute)

Pulses, the edible seeds of plants in the legume family, have tremendous potential to improve nutrition in India and across the world. Yet Indian production of pulses has not been able to keep up with demand. In an op-ed in Financial Express, TCI-TARINA associate research fellow Mamata Pradhan and assistant program officer Ruchira Boss contend that government policy promoting pulses should consider their inherent heterogeneity and incorporate them into the larger cropping system.

“Pulses need to be incorporated into the cereal farming complex and understood from the context of food system transformation in India where secondary processed pulses might lead the way forward,” they write.

Read the full op-ed on “Pulses farming and the context of food system transformation in India”