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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Dr. Anthony Wenndt

Dr. Anthony Wenndt is a technical specialist in food safety research at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition. He earned his PhD in the field of plant pathology and plant-microbe biology in 2020. His research interests are the biology and ecology of toxigenic fungi infecting crop plants and the impacts of mycotoxins on food security and nutrition. As a TCI scholar, he engaged with smallholders in India to characterize the extent of mycotoxin contamination in village-level food systems and to develop context-specific survey methodologies for sustainable, scalable mycotoxin management. Before joining the research program of Rebecca J. Nelson at Cornell, Anthony received bachelor’s degrees in biology and Russian language with a concentration in global development studies from Grinnell College. He has conducted research in the disciplines of plant pathology (USDA-ARS; University of Costa Rica), agricultural development (ICIPE; Mbita, Kenya), and land reform policy (United Nations FAO; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), with special emphasis on the intersections of agriculture, policy, and society.