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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Increased Farm Work Worsens Women’s Nutrition

This policy brief presents the findings of a TCI study on the impact of time constraints like housework and agricultural activities on women’s nutritional outcomes. The study reveals that time trade-offs imposed on women by peak-season agricultural work are associated with a decrease in the intake of calories, proteins, iron, and zinc. 

Based on these results, TCI recommends that Indian policymakers:

  • Promote and invest in labor-saving strategies and technologies to reduce the burden placed on women by agricultural and household work.
  • Recognize the negative impact of time burdens on women and design agriculture and development programs so that the benefits of women’s farm work outweigh the losses.
  • Implement strategies to increase women’s incomes and promote women’s empowerment through enhanced household decision-making powers and control over income.
  • Align agricultural policies with women’s needs in regard to technology, finance, and extension.

Read the policy brief (PDF)