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From Policy to Progress: How Bihar’s Alcohol Ban is Empowering Women

In the pursuit of a society where every woman finds solace within her home and community, away from the clutches of domestic violence and with assured equal rights, the state government of Bihar implemented a profound policy shift in 2016—a…
Soumya Gupta

Alumna Pursues Gender and Nutrition Research at TCI

As a young girl, Soumya Gupta would accompany her father to the hospital, where he worked as a doctor. The image of impoverished women waiting for healthcare services in long queues impacted her deeply. She decided that one day, she…

Alcohol Ban and Crime: The ABC’s of the Bihar Prohibition

Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 17, No. 4, 2024
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New Study Links Alcohol Prohibition with Drop in Violent Crime

Banning alcohol may be an effective tool for curbing violent crimes, according to a forthcoming study coauthored by a group of researchers including Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI) Scholar Natasha Jha. The study, which is due to be published in the July…
Combined harvester harvesting chickpeas

More Chickpeas with Less Labor? Assessing the Impact of Machine-Harvestable Chickpeas on Female Labor

As India’s population increases and demand for food rises along with it, farm laborers—women in particular—face increased burdens and drudgery. Enter NBeG47, a machine-harvestable chickpea variety introduced by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) to reduce…
Women harvesting chickpeas

Can Machine-Harvestable Chickpeas Spare Female Laborers Time on the Farm?

Women in rural India face significant burdens on their time, as they often must balance farm work with unpaid housework. This is especially during the harvest seasons, when women spend even more time on the farm. The drudgery that women…
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Essays on the Effects of Migration & Remittances on Households in Rural India

Cornell University, 2021 Abstract: This dissertation focuses on the effects of migration and remittances on the welfare of families left-behind, in the context of farming households in rural India. Labor migration is heavily male dominant in India, and women and children are often left behind....