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Author: Jocelyn Boiteau

Jocelyn Boiteau and her research team

Notes from the Field: Counting Tomatoes and Making New Friends

This blog post is part of TCI’s “Notes from the Field” series, which explores the personal side of the field-based research performed by TCI scholars as part of their graduate studies. Eight thousand, two hundred and fifty miles from Ithaca,…
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Making Meat and Milk from Plants: A Review of Plant-Based Food for Human and Planetary Health

Abstract Interest in alternative protein sources to substitute for animal source protein-rich foods has emerged alongside calls for sustainable food systems to meet protein demands as the global population grows towards a projected 9.8 billion people by 2050. Food companies are capitalizing on sustainable diet...

Can We Agree on a Food Loss and Waste Definition? An Assessment of Definitional Elements for a Globally Applicable Framework

Abstract Recent strategies for achieving sustainable food systems have called for reducing food loss and waste (FLW), most notably Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 12.3. This review aims to compare FLW definitions that are relevant to SDG target 12.3 and opportunities to harmonize the FLW definition. Using the FAO...

Food Loss of Perishable Produce from Farm to Retail: Evidence from Tomato Supply Chains in South India

Abstract Background Reducing food loss and waste (FLW) may narrow gaps between fruit and vegetable production and recommended intake. However, FLW estimates are inconsistent due to varying estimation methods. Objectives Using multiple estimation approaches, we examined the extent and determinants of FLW along tomato supply...
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The Tomato Lottery: Farmer Decision-Making and Food Loss Implications

On a brilliantly sunny day in June in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district, red-ripe tomatoes shine like ornaments in a field of green. Seemingly absent is anyone harvesting these fruits that are just waiting to be plucked, sold, and consumed. Left…