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Author: Kiera Crowley

Kiera Crowley interviewing farmers

What’s Driving Crop Diversification? Talking to Farmers in Bihar

After arriving in Sadaivigha village in Lakhisarai, Bihar, on a hot day in June, Anurag and I followed a field technician, Abhay, to the farmhouse where we would conduct our first focus group discussion of the day. It was my…
Three different crops growing on a farm

The Who and Where of Farm-Level Crop Diversity in Bihar

What types of households have more diverse farms, and why does it matter? Spatial crop diversity — growing more than one crop in a field or on a farm simultaneously — has been associated with higher levels of biodiversity, soil…

Risk Factors in Childhood Stunting in Karnataka, India, Vary by Geography

Abstract Childhood stunting remains a public health concern in India. In Karnataka, the districts vary substantially in stunting prevalence. Using the NFHS-4 and AidData GEO datasets, we tested the hypothesis that ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ districts in Karnataka show different contributions to stunting. We found that...
Fan 2020 report cover

Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in India 2020: Leveraging Agriculture to Achieve Zero Hunger

TCI’s 2020 report on Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in India (FAN 2020) provides an analysis of India’s progress towards achieving the second sustainable development goal—zero hunger. Using district-level data and maps, the report highlights stark spatial differences in the extent of the hunger problem and identifies potential...