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Author: Shree Saha

Two hands holding a pile of shrimp

Navigating the Waters: Exploring Shrimp Cultivation in Coastal Odisha

Sitting in the coastal village of Inchudi in the Baleshwar district of Odisha, India, I spoke with Raju (name changed), a generational shrimp farmer with over 20 years of experience, about the precipitous rise of shrimp aquaculture in his village…
A UPI QR code sitting amongst fruit in a market stall

Money Matters: Understanding the Complexities of India’s Digital Payment Journey

Digital payment platforms have emerged as an integral component of modern India’s financial landscape. These platforms offer convenient and quick ways for individuals and businesses to complete cash-free transactions.  From the user-friendly interfaces of mobile wallets to the innovative simplicity…
A buffalo on a tea estate

The Battle for Space: Human vs Animal

“They [wild animals] want the best and the most expensive tea leaves,” remarked a tea estate staffer during my visit to an estate in The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. While the purpose of my visit was to primarily understand the adoption…
A laborer in a mask carrying a sack full of Lady Finger (Bhindi) vegetables at a wholesale vegetable market

Indian Food Prices Continue to Ride High on Second COVID Wave

In the spring of 2021, the world’s eyes turned to India as the second wave of COVID-19 wreaked havoc in the country. While the media focused on the breakdown of the healthcare infrastructure, a second crisis simmered below the surface,…