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Aiyar recognized for excellence in leadership through Postdoc Achievement Award

Anaka Aiyar, postdoctoral fellow at the Tata-Cornell Institute and the Dyson School, has been awarded the Postdoc Achievement Award for Excellence in Leadership.  Awardees are nominated by letters from faculty, students, and colleagues and selected through a competitive review process…
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New TCI Study Shows Urbanization Increases Risk of Rural Obesity

For developing countries like India, the growth and expansion of cities brings economic opportunities to those living in impoverished rural areas. But those opportunities come at a price. According to a new study from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and…
anaka aiyar

Dr. Anaka Aiyar

Anaka Aiyar was a postdoctoral associate at TCI until 2020, when she joined the University of Nevada, Reno, as an assistant professor of economics. At TCI, her research explored the mechanisms that explain why states in India have had disparate…