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In-Mouth, Self-Disintegrating Milk Protein Puffs-I: Process Development

Abstract This study elucidated the reactive role of the supercritical fluid extrusion (SCFX) process along with calcium chelation by added sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) in altering the physicochemical properties of milk protein concentrate (MPC) with added sucrose (MPC-S) to make expanded extrudates of defined microstructure that...
Bindvi Arora standing behind an extruder machine

2020-21 Annual Report: Improving Nutrition During Weaning

Ensuring good nutrition during weaning can help set a child on the path of good health and development. Yet, when it comes time to wean babies from breast milk or formula, many parents reach for puffed cereal snacks that, while convenient, offer little nutritional benefit at a time when children’s protein requirement is at its peak.

Process Optimization and Product Characterization of Milk Protein Concentrate Extrudates Expanded by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Abstract The effects of water and supercritical CO2 (SC–CO2) addition rate, and pressure at SC–CO2 injection (PCO2) on physical and rheological properties of milk protein concentrate (MPC81) and MPC81-sucrose (MPC81-S) extrudates were investigated. As PCO2 increased, extrudate expansion decreased and storage modulus and hardness increased. PCO2 for MPC81...
Bindvi Arora standing behind an extruder machine

Subtracting Additives: Using Extruder Die Design to Create Healthier Processed Foods

In today’s fast-paced world, where more and more people are consuming convenient processed foods. A renewed focus on health is driving demand for processed foods with the nutritional benefits of natural whole foods. In response, food companies are working to…
Bindvi Arora stands behind an extruder machine

Power Puffs: Creating Nutritious Puffed Snacks for Toddlers

This piece from the TCI 2019-20 Annual Report presents TCI scholar Bindvi Arora’s use of a novel food extrusion technology to create more nutritious puffed snacks for toddlers. Download the full annual report to read more. In recent years, parents…

Dr. Bindvi Arora

Bindvi Arora earned her PhD in food science and technology in 2022. Her research interests include the development of novel food products and improving existing popular foods that can cater to nutritionally deficient populations through innovations in processing technology and…