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Tag: clean drinking water

Tangible impacts of clean water

After working in the tribal villages of Ronhe and Gopla in the Khunti district, we are now in a new district called Koderma. Koderma is in the north of Jharkhand, bordering the state of Bihar. We are continuing our work…

Is my time the same as your time? A note on the concept of time in Indian villages

Many of us conducting research in development economics deal with different types of data sets for our analysis. We generally have two options for empirical research in development economics: either we can use available secondary data sources, or we can…

‘Clean Water’ – a podcast episode on what makes us human

The latest episode of the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast series, explains the impact of clean, piped-in water on women and girls in India. A recording and transcript of the podcast is available.  This story originally appeared in the Cornell…