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Children sitting and eating sweet potatoes

2020-21 Annual Report: Curbing Vitamin A Deficiency through Biofortification

Orange-fleshed sweet potato has shown great promise toward reducing vitamin A insufficiency in the diet when introduced to rural communities in developing regions, as an easy-to-cultivate crop and a tasty, affordable, healthy food. Although it has been successfully introduced in East Africa, where white-fleshed varieties of sweet potato are regularly consumed, Indian consumers have little to no experience with the tubers.
sweet potatoes

Sweet Nutrition: Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies through Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes

In this piece from the TCI 2019-20 Annual Report, TCI scholar Kathryn Merckel’s research on the introduction of vitamin A-rich orange-fleshed sweet potatoes is presented. Download the full annual report to read more. The Indian food system’s heavy focus on…

Dr. Kathryn Merckel

Kathryn Merckel completed her PhD in international nutrition in 2020. She is currently the associate director for nutrition and food systems at the international development nonprofit ACDI/VOCA. Kathryn studied biofortification and its role in diversifying diets, particularly those of women…