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Tag: market level dietary diversity

Dora Heng

Visiting the Marketplace: Pilot Testing Our Novel Market Level Dietary Diversity Module

Over the past one and a half weeks since our arrival in India, our team has been hard at work developing and fine-tuning our survey instruments. Building on the MNDA pilot completed by TCi interns last year, our team aims…

Reflections from ICRISAT: Science with a human face

For the past 7 weeks, the TCi team has been working closely with our partner organization ICRISAT to study household and individual dietary diversity.  Finishing a research project within 7 weeks is no easy feat. Aside from the two back…
two bags of lays chips

Oreos and Lays and Fanta, oh my: the necessary surprises of field research

By John Lowry John Lowry is a TCi intern and undergraduate senior studying biology and government. Alongside the other interns at ICRISAT, he studies individual and household dietary diversity with a special focus on the consumption of packaged foods and…