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Changing Food Systems for Improved Health: Seeking Win-Wins

Food systems have much greater impact on our health and wellbeing than they are getting credit for by the popular press and in the general debate. In spite of economically well-functioning food systems, nutrition-related health problems are huge both in…
A man frying food in pans of hot oil

New TCI Study Shows Urbanization Increases Risk of Rural Obesity

For developing countries like India, the growth and expansion of cities brings economic opportunities to those living in impoverished rural areas. But those opportunities come at a price. According to a new study from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and…

TCI Calls Attention to Rising Obesity in India

Tackling the obesity crises in urban and rural India will require a push for healthier behaviors anchored by policy changes designed to improve access to diverse, nutritious foods, say researchers at the Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI). Writing in the Financial Express,…