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In Op-Ed, TCI Director Calls for Reorientation of Indian Agriculture

TCI director Prabhu Pingali says the Indian government should refocus its agricultural policy on the production of diverse, nutrient-rich crops to reduce hunger and malnutrition. Writing in the Daily Pioneer, Pingali argued that India’s focus on staple grains like wheat…

TCI Op-Ed Stresses Importance of Farmer Producer Organizations

Strong farmer producer organizations (FPOs) are necessary if India’s small farmers are to take full advantage of a new set of laws liberalizing the country’s agricultural markets, say Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI) Director Prabhu Pingali and Assistant Director Mathew Abraham. In…

TCI Calls Attention to Rising Obesity in India

Tackling the obesity crises in urban and rural India will require a push for healthier behaviors anchored by policy changes designed to improve access to diverse, nutritious foods, say researchers at the Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI). Writing in the Financial Express,…