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Jute sacks of soybeans

How Soybean FPOs Can Use Futures Contracts to Manage Risk

Price volatility affects all members of the agricultural value chain, but smallholder farmers in developing countries are particularly vulnerable to adverse prices. In general, price hedging mechanisms for smallholder farmers are limited and, in many cases, not used. With appropriate…
A soybean warehouse in Latur

Soybean Value Chains and Market Efficiency: Lessons from a Field Visit to FPOs in Latur

In a recent visit to Latur, a district in Maharashtra, India, we gained an understanding of the marketing channels and infrastructure available for local soybean producers. In India, Latur is a significant agricultural hub for soybean cultivation, with the second-highest…
Pallavi Rajkhowa

Dr. Pallavi Rajkhowa

Dr. Pallavi Rajkhowa is an associate research fellow at TCI’s Center of Excellence in New Delhi, where she supports the Center’s research activities, with a focus on projects associated with the Farmer Producer Organization Hub. She previously worked as a…