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Tag: rural development

Spatial trends in Indian agriculture: 1960s to 2000s

Hilary Byerly is a Masters student at Cornell’s Dyson School and a research assistant for the Tata-Cornell Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative (TCi). The narrative of the Green Revolution in India is familiar to agricultural development practitioners. High-yield varieties of wheat…

Join us at Chats in the Stacks, featuring our new book

Rapid structural transformation and urbanization are transforming agriculture and food production in rural areas across the world. Join us for a Chats in the Stacks talk by Prabhu Pingali, editor of the new book Agriculture and Rural Development in a…
conference signs

TCI-TARINA participates in the International Conference on Rural Management in Bhubaneswar

Improving the quality of life for rural people is key to sustainable development in countries like India, where one-third of the population lives in villages. At the first International Conference on Rural Management (ICRM), professionals gathered to share evidence and…
woman with clean water

‘Clean Water’ – a podcast episode on what makes us human

This is an episode from the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast’s fourth season, “What Does Water Mean for Us Humans?” from Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences. Prof. Prabhu Pingali explains the impact of clean, piped-in water on women…