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Whitman Barret, Prabhu Pingali, and Vanisha Sharma wearing academic regalia.

Two TCI Scholars Receive Degrees

Two TCI scholars received their degrees during commencement ceremonies at Cornell University on Saturday, May 25. Vanisha Sharma received her PhD in applied economics and management from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Whitman Barrett received his MS…
A composting toilet

How Ecosan Can Improve Human Health and Agricultural Sustainability

As countries around the world have urbanized rapidly over the past fifty years, infrastructure construction, particularly in the Global South, has struggled to keep pace. Many urban dwellers rely on sanitation systems that fail to adequately treat human waste, harming…

How Biochar Can Help Renew Degraded Tropical Soils

Agricultural soils around the world are under increasing pressure as urbanization covers once prime farmland with concrete and asphalt while intensified agricultural production degrades soil fertility. Yet even as their soils’ fertility declines, farmers around the world will be expected…

TCI Welcomes Newest Scholars

Two new scholars joined the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition in the fall of 2021, while another began a PhD program after earning his master’s degree. The new scholars, Apurva Borar and Whitman Barrett, are pursuing doctoral degrees in…
Whitman Barrett

Whitman Barrett

Whitman Barrett received his MS in soil and crop sciences in 2024. His work focused on the reuse of human excreta in agriculture, with the goal of improving smallholder farmers’ productivity and resilience to climate change. He is passionate about…