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Publication type: Book Chapters

soil analysis book cover

Soil Health Assessment

In A. Rakshit, S. Ghosh, S. Chakraborty, V. Philip, and A. Datta (Eds.) Soil Analysis: Recent Trends and Applications, Springer Singapore 2020.
Population, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Problems and Prospects book cover

Climate Change and Food Security

In P. Gustafson, P. Raven, and P. Ehrlich (Eds.) Population, Agriculture, and Biodiversity: Problems and Prospects, The University of Missouri Press 2020.
smallholder farms book cover

Transforming Smallholder Agriculture to Achieve the SDGs

In S. Gomez y Paloma, L. Riesgo, and K. Louhichi (Eds.) The Role of Smallholder Farms in Food and Nutrition Security, Springer Nature 2020.
Mycotoxins-in-Food-and-Beverages book cover

Mycotoxin Surveillance for Low-Resource Settings

In D. Montet, C. Brabet, R. C. Ray, and S. Galindo (Eds.), Mycotoxins in Food and Beverages: Innovations and Advances, Part I, CRC Press, 2021