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Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Publication type: Policy Briefs

Revealing the Hidden Production Costs of India’s Public Distribution System

This policy brief presents preliminary estimates of the environmental and health-related costs associated with the production of food grain for India’s Public Distribution System (PDS), a program that provides subsidized food to more than 800 million Indians. This new analysis provides government policymakers, advocates, and...

Indian Obesity Varies by Gender, Rural/Urban Divide

TCI Policy Brief Number 5, April 2022

COVID-19 Lockdowns Hurt Women’s Nutrition Security

TCI Policy Brief Number 4, April 2022

Increased Farm Work Worsens Women’s Nutrition

TCI Policy Brief Number 3, April 2022

To Reduce Stunting, Space Out Births

TCI Policy Brief Number 2, April 2022

Healthy Diets Are Too Expensive for Most Indians

TCI Policy Brief Number 1, April 2022