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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in Bihar: Getting to Zero Hunger

TCI’s 2022 report on Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in Bihar (FAN-Bihar) provides a detailed reassessment of the food system approach for achieving the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal (SDG2) — zero hunger by 2030 — in Bihar.

The report emphasizes the high rates of malnutrition in the state and highlights the urgent need to address the chronic burden of undernutrition. The report focuses on key elements of the food system to address malnutrition: enhanced food production and availability, crop diversification, improved market linkages, gender empowerment, and improved nutrition behavior.

The report is part of a series produced by TCI. Each FAN report provides periodic assessments of food, agriculture, and nutrition in India, its states, or the surrounding region.

Download the report (PDF)