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Tag: Agricultural Transformation, Food Systems & Nutrition Transition

Are the Lessons from the Green Revolution Relevant for Agricultural Growth and Food Security in the Twenty-First Century?

In Jonna P. Estudillo, Yoko Kijima, and Tetsushi Tenobe (Eds.), Agricultural Development in Asia and Africa: Essays in Honor of Keijiro Otsuka, Springer 2023
Close-up of a cashier's hands using a POS machine

Environmental and Health Effects Add Billions in Hidden Costs to India’s Public Distribution System

Through the Public Distribution System (PDS), the Indian government ensures the food security of its most impoverished citizens. However, new research from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) reveals that the production of food grain for the PDS…

Revealing the Hidden Production Costs of India’s Public Distribution System

This policy brief presents preliminary estimates of the environmental and health-related costs associated with the production of food grain for India’s Public Distribution System (PDS), a program that provides subsidized food to more than 800 million Indians. This new analysis provides government policymakers, advocates, and...
People purchasing grain from a shop

New Project Will Reveal True Cost of India’s Food Subsidies

Each year, India spends tens of billions of dollars on the Public Distribution System (PDS), a food subsidy program that helps to ensure the food security of more than 800 million people. The largest such program in the world, the…
Kiera Crowley interviewing farmers

What’s Driving Crop Diversification? Talking to Farmers in Bihar

After arriving in Sadaivigha village in Lakhisarai, Bihar, on a hot day in June, Anurag and I followed a field technician, Abhay, to the farmhouse where we would conduct our first focus group discussion of the day. It was my…
A woman standing in a field

Asia’s Food Systems Transformation: How It Happened and What Comes Next

Not so long ago, famines were a recurrent feature in Asia, with many dying from chronic hunger and poverty. The continent’s swing from deficiency to self-sufficiency in food did not happen unaided; it was thanks to policy and technology interventions.…

To Reduce Stunting, Space Out Births

TCI Policy Brief Number 2, April 2022