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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Author: Natasha Jha

Alcohol Ban and Crime: The ABC’s of the Bihar Prohibition

Abstract We study the relationship between alcohol consumption and crime, following an alcohol prohibition in Bihar in 2016. Using a difference-in-differences approach, we explore the differential effects of alcohol on different crime types. We find that the prohibition led to a 0.22 standard deviation point...

Arsenic and Agriculture: Is Our Growing Dependence on Groundwater Irrigation Poisoning Our Water?

A growing public health concern across Southeast Asia is groundwater contamination, specifically from heavy metals such as arsenic. Given the significant adverse health impacts, it is important from a policy perspective to determine the causes of such contamination. I am…
Rows of crops

Thinking About Soil from the Farmers’ Perspectives

Good, healthy soils are not only critical for crop production, they are also crucial for good nutrition. Soils high in mineral content produce crops with higher levels of those nutrients. Yet in developing countries like India, which struggles to provide…