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Author: Naveen Sunder

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Leveraging Men’s Education as an Effective Pathway for Improving Diet Quality: Evidence from Rural India

Abstract Investing in nutrition-sensitive sectors such as education can be an effective strategy for combatting malnutrition. In this paper, we analyze the role that men’s education plays in determining dietary diversity outcomes using primary data from 3600 households across four districts of India. Dietary diversity...

TARINA District Fact Sheet on Maternal and Child Health

TCI-TARINA District Fact Sheet No. 2, May 2018

TARINA District Fact Sheet on Dietary Diversity

TCI-TARINA District Fact Sheet No. 1, May 2018
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Essays On K-12 Education in Developing Countries – Causes, Consequences and Impediments

Cornell University, 2019 Abstract: This dissertation focusses on the causes and consequences of low human capital accumulation among children and adolescents in developing countries in Asia and Africa. My analysis is divided into three separate papers that explore different aspects of this research agenda. Broadly, chapter...
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Transitioning Towards Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems in Developing Countries

Abstract A nutrition-sensitive food system is one that goes beyond staple grain productivity and places emphasis on the consumption of micronutrient-rich nonstaples through a variety of market and nonmarket interventions. A nutrition-sensitive approach not only considers policies related to macrolevel availability and access to nutritious...
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Market Access, Production Diversity, and Diet Diversity: Evidence From India

Abstract Background: Recent literature, largely from Africa, shows mixed effects of own-production on diet diversity. However, the role of own-production, relative to markets, in influencing food consumption becomes more pronounced as market integration increases. Objective: This paper investigates the relative importance of two factors –...
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Are Women in Rural India Really Consuming a Less Diverse Diet?

Abstract Background: It is widely considered that women have less diverse diets than other household members. However, it has been challenging to establish this empirically since women’s diet diversity is measured differently from that of other household members. Objective: In this article, we compare women’s...