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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

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TCI’s Center of Excellence in New Delhi supports nutrition-sensitive agriculture in India through evidence building, capacity development, and advocacy. It is also a hub for national and international experts working on agriculture and nutrition. A central repository of information and expertise, the Center provides high-quality products and services, such as research papers, databases, policy briefs, training manuals, workshops, and policy seminars.

  • Databases

    TCI’s innovative data platforms empower researchers and other stakeholders with the data needed to understand and improve India’s food systems.

    District-Level Database for Indian Agriculture

    The TCI-ICRISAT District-Level Database for Indian Agriculture and Allied Sectors is an open-access database that brings together socioeconomic, environmental, nutrition, and health-related data for 571 districts in 20 Indian states from 1966-2015, providing a link between country-level macro data and household-level microdata.

    Access the District-Level Database

    FPO Platform for India

    The Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) Platform for India brings together information on thousands of FPOs to facilitate research on small-farm aggregation models. Through the interactive, web-based dashboard, researchers can access a wealth of data, such as crops produced, founding years, and sponsoring agencies.

    The platform also facilitates connections between stakeholders in India’s FPO ecosystem, such as farmers, FPOs, businesses, and FPO-promoting institutions.

    Access the FPO Platform for India

  • District Factsheets

    These factsheets provide key findings and recommendations related to nutrition and agriculture in districts where TCI’s TARINA project implemented programs.

    Access district factsheets

  • Policy Briefs

    These short papers summarize and translate research findings into evidence-based policy recommendations for addressing challenges related to food and nutrition security in India.

    Access policy briefs

  • Reports & Publications

    This collection of journal articles, books, book chapters, and reports present TCI’s research findings related to agriculture and nutrition in India.

    Access reports & publications

  • Training Manuals

    TCI instructional manuals provide guidance for designing agricultural projects and programs to ensure positive nutrition outcomes through the integration of nutrition-focused objectives, actions, and metrics.

    Access training manuals

Farmer Producer Organization Hub

The Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) Hub within the Center of Excellence serves as a repository of learnings, information, and knowledge for the advancement of FPOs in India. The Hub provides lessons, tools, and resource pathways to strengthen small farm aggregators, while simultaneously catalyzing a community of practice of funders, implementors, and policy stakeholders.

Visit the FPO Hub


TCI Center of Excellence
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