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Tractor tracks running through soil on farmland

Soil Health: What You Should Know

Healthy soils are key to producing nutritious foods. In hopes of boosting agricultural productivity in India, TCI’s Soil Health Project in Bihar examines the links between soil health, land management, and cropping systems to assess their impact on agricultural yields.…
Two men plowing a field

2020-21 Annual Report: Improving Farm Yields through Comprehensive Soil Health

Soil degradation, resulting from poor land management practices such as the overuse of fertilizers, can worsen farm productivity. Yet, across India, efforts to improve soil quality have focused almost exclusively on chemical properties, ignoring the physical and biological processes that make soils dynamic and complex living systems.

TCI Scholar Authors Chapter on Soil Health Testing

Kavya Krishnan, a Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI) scholar studying crop and soil sciences, co-authored a chapter on soil health assessment that appears in Soil Analysis: Recent Trends and Applications. Published by Springer, the book provides a synopsis of the analytical procedures…

Bihar University Research Shows Impact of TCI Soil Health Project

Investments in soil health infrastructure have boosted efforts by the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) to promote a holistic approach to soil health in India. Two doctoral candidates trained by TCI at a special lab at the Dr.…

Dr. Kavya Krishnan

Kavya Krishnan earned her PhD in the field of soil and crop sciences in 2022. Her primary research interest is soil health – particularly its effects on food security. For the fieldwork component of her doctorate, she worked with India-based…