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Tag: Milorad Plavsic

People shop at a farmers’ market.

Coordinated Action Is Needed to Solve South Asia’s Malnutrition Puzzle

With hunger again on the rise across South Asia, a coordinated approach that aligns activities on the local, national, and international levels is needed to address the region’s malnutrition challenges, according to a new report from the Tata-Cornell Institute for…
TCI researchers observe a solar-powered irrigation pump

Can Bihar’s Agricultural Sector Go Climate-Smart?

In mid-August, I traveled to Bihar, India as part of a team of researchers from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition to study strategies to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture. With the trip scheduled during monsoon…
Farmland in Pakistan

Pakistan and India’s Common Enemy: Malnutrition

In national and international media, Pakistan and India are often portrayed as threats to each other, but less attention is paid to a threat both countries have in common: malnutrition. According to the World Food Programme, malnutrition costs Pakistan $7.6…
Women planting rice

Researchers Urge Smarter Pursuit of SDGs

Policymakers seeking to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) like zero hunger should be mindful of how the pursuit of one goal can aid or impede progress toward others, researchers for the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) say in…

Hunger and Environmental Goals for Asia: Synergies and Trade-offs Among the SDGs

Abstract Rapid progress in hunger reduction in Asia has come at the cost of environmental degradation, while pursuing environmental conservation goals risk slowing further progress on hunger. Operationalizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shows us the complexity of achieving multiple societal goals simultaneously. The lack of coordination across...